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Avantis regularly hosts webcasts featuring a variety of topics and thought leaders in the industry. You may view past events on this page.

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Avantis Office Hours | What's New in Behavioral Finance and How Advisors Can Apply It

May 2024

During this edition of Office Hours, UCLA Professor Hal Hershfield joined us for a discussion on cutting edge topics in the field of behavioral economics and practical ways advisors can apply these concepts with their clients.

Avantis Office Hours | Questions Investors are Asking Right Now

February 2024

Part of an advisor’s job is answering questions from their clients on what is happening in markets and how that might affect their investments. During our February 28 Office Hours, we discussed several questions that have been coming up a lot recently. Listen to the replay for talking points and ready-to-use client-friendly content.

Avantis Office Hours | Improving ETF Trading Outcomes: What Advisors Need to Know

December 2023

It’s critical that advisors choosing ETFs for client portfolios have a sound plan in place when it comes to executing ETF trades. During this webcast, we spoke with Tom Generazio, Senior Trader on Schwab’s Institutional Block Trading Desk about what advisors need to know to form good ETF trading processes and deliver better outcomes for clients.

What Can Bias Our Economic Expectations? with Professor Camelia Kuhnen

September 2023

Listen to UNC Professor Camelia Kuhnen discuss her research and share insights on what drives people’s economic expectations, how her research might help financial advisors better understand their clients, and potential ways advisors can use the research findings to help clients make better financial decisions.

Rates are Up, Inflation is Lower: Considerations for Asset Allocations

August 2023

Over the last year, we’ve seen meaningful shifts to interest rate and inflation levels, raising questions from investors around how this might impact their portfolios. During this edition of Office Hours, we address considerations around two commonly heard themes.

Office Hours with Hal Hershfield: The Science Behind Your Future Self

June 2023

Many view the future as incredibly distant, making it more likely to opt for immediate gratification that disregards future wellbeing. On this edition of Office Hours, we speak with UCLA Professor Hal Hershfield on the research behind his upcoming book, Your Future Self.

Why Advisors are Choosing ETFs over Mutual Funds and How SMAs Compare

March 2023

Exchange Traded Funds have been leading the charge with investor flows over the last several years, while equity and bond mutual funds have experienced significant outflows. Beyond ETFs and mutual funds, many advisors are also contemplating the role of SMAs. But what is it that is spurring this mass exodus from mutual funds?

Trading ETFs: How Custodian Block Desks Can Help Advisors

February 2023

On this edition of our Office Hours series, we spoke with Tom Generazio, Senior Trader on TD Ameritrade’s institutional block desk to hear firsthand how they work every day with financial advisors to support them in trading ETFs.

Office Hours: Introducing the Inflation Focused Equity and All Equity Markets Strategies

November 2022

Join Avantis’ Chief Investment Officer Eduardo Repetto, Ph.D., and Senior Investment Director Jeromey Thornton, CFA, to learn more about two new strategies, Avantis Inflation Focused Equity strategy and the Avantis All Equity Markets strategy.

Office Hours: Why Investors Should Think Twice About Indexing Small Cap Allocations

August 2022

Learn how a systematic approach to managing small cap strategies can deliver many of the same benefits of indexing while removing artificial constraints.

Office Hours: A Crash Course in Behavioral Finance

July 2022

In this session, Meir covers the biases and cognitive errors that investors are most prone to, and offers advisors some tools and tips in helping their clients become more aware – and perhaps overcome – these biases along their investment journey.

Peer-to-Peer: What Should I know About Trading ETFs?

June 2022

On this edition of Peer-to-Peer, we will dive into the most common ETF trading and operational questions, hearing insights from both the custodial and advisor perspective.

Office Hours: A conversation with Meir Statman

May 2022

In this Office Hours webcast, we have a conversation with Meir Statman, Ph.D. about his research and the impact it has had on so many advisors and investors.

Office Hours: Where Does Indexing Fall Short?

April, 2022

In this Office Hours Avantis Investors CIO Eduardo Repetto and Chief Investment Strategist Phil McInnis, examined some of the similarities and differences in how indices define asset classes and manage reconstitution, highlighting some of the constraints these decisions can place on index trackers.

Office Hours with DPL: Understanding the Fixed Index Annuity Structure

APRIL 2022

In this session of Office Hours, we are joined by our friends at DPL to learn more about their mission of bringing low-cost, commission-free annuities and life insurance as a complement to fixed income solutions.

Office Hours with Sunil Wahal: The True Cost of Mutual Funds

February 2022

In this session, Professor Wahal shares new research that examines the impact of cash flows on the costs that mutual fund performance – a cost that is rarely visible to fund shareholders.

Peer-to-Peer: Should Advisors Adopt ETFs in Tax-Deferred Accounts?

February 2022

In this session of Peer to Peer, join us for a conversation that takes a look at ETFs in tax-deferred accounts. We explore the “how” and the “why” in this panel discussion with Rafia Hasan, Matt Weir, and Ben Johnson.

Peer-to-Peer: Serving Ultra High-Net-Worth Clients with Kevin Root

January 2022

Kevin Root of Oak Root, LLC, shares his transition from focusing on retirement plans to a complex, international family office and the unique financial planning challenges associated with these kinds of households.

Office Hours with Hal Hershfield: Our Relationship with Money and Money in Our Relationship

January 2022

In this latest installment of Office Hours, we sit down with UCLA Professor Hal Hershfield to discuss recent research in two areas: financial decision making in couples and whether or not more money means more happiness.

FAANG, Dollar-Cost Averaging, & Diversification in Hindsight & Regret

December 2021

In this edition of Avantis Office Hours, Professor Meir Statman will be discussing the concepts of risk and regret and what tools you might use to help clients view the (often less exciting) concept of diversification as a way avoid regret later on.

Self-control, Saving and Spending Decisions: Office Hours with Suzanne Shu

October 2021

In this webcast, Professor Shu will be walking through the psychology of consumer behavior and discussing its application within the financial planning space. This includes the psychology of decumulation – the various decisions that retirees and pre-retirees face and the tools they have at their disposal, as well as how financial advisors can help guide them towards better retirement outcomes.

Peer to Peer: A Fireside Chat with Jeff Pierce

September 2021

Jeff Pierce, CEO of Wipfli Financial Advisors LLC, shares experiences from his career in consulting and practice management, which includes a rich knowledge of the advisory industry and its evolution over the past 20 years.

Office Hours with Citadel Securities: A Market Maker’s Perspective

June 2021

Cory Laing discusses ETF Trading from a market maker’s perspective. Topics covered include the role of the market maker, how they interact with institutional trading desks and some tips for advisors when evaluating ETF liquidity and spreads.

The Biden Tax Plan - Considerations for Advisors

June 2021

The Biden administration recently released new specifics on their proposed tax plan. The removal of the step up in basis and increased capital gains taxes on high income earners are among the details that could have a significant impact on wealth and estate planning.

Investment Governance & Due Diligence

June 2021

How do advisors and fiduciaries evaluate new offerings? What questions should you ask when evaluating your model portfolios, and how do you determine what will ultimately be a value-add?

Goal Setting, Transitions, and Decision Making: Office Hours with Professor Hal Hershfield

April 2021

Professor Hershfield, Ph.D. joined our Office Hours webcast series for a discussion on goals and the dynamics that financial planners must consider as people transition through life – current versus future goals, where clients are in the savings lifecycle, and how generational differences might play a role in decision making.

Price Shocks, Valuations and Expected Returns, Office Hours with Professor Sunil Wahal

April 2021

We have seen elevated volatility in markets amidst ongoing uncertainty related to COVID-19, along with significant stimulus enacted across the globe. Sunil Wahal joins Avantis Investors to share his thoughts on a framework for thinking about valuations, and the mechanisms at play when a price shock occurs.

Inflation, Cryptocurrencies and More: Office Hours with Andrew Karolyi

March 2021

Professor Andrew Karolyi shares context around the inflation alarm bells being raised in the financial media, the broader monetary policy landscape and the influence of central banks on capital flows, and discusses the increasing interest and attention being paid to digital currencies.

A Systematic Approach to Munis

February 2021

Avantis Investors CIO Eduardo Repetto and Senior Portfolio Manager Hozef Arif discuss the limitations of indexing in fixed income and the advantages we can attain by incorporating information in yield curves.

The Joint Distribution of Value and Profitability in International Markets

December 2020

Professor Sunil Wahal, Ph.D., discusses the latest research on expected returns* with a focus on the joint relationship between value and profitability in international (ex-US) markets.

An Introduction to Avantis Investors Fixed Income

November 2020

Avantis Investors CIO Eduardo Repetto and Senior Portfolio Manager Hozef Arif discuss the limitations of indexing in fixed income and the advantages we can attain by incorporating information in yield curves.

A Look Back, and Then Ahead

October 2020

As Avantis Investors marks the 1-year anniversary of the first strategy launch, American Century Investments President and CEO Jonathan Thomas, Avantis Investors CIO Eduardo Repetto and Avantis Investors COO Pat Keating reflect on the establishment of Avantis and how it aligns with American Century’s broader commitment to creating solutions to help investors meet their financial goals.

ETFs – Past, Present and Future: A Conversation with Reginald Browne

October 2020

Exchange Traded Funds have led the charge with investor inflows year-to-date, and more advisors are considering ETFs than ever before. Avantis Investors recently sat down with Reginald “Reggie” Browne to discuss why ETFs have become such a popular investment vehicle, his role as a significant player in the development of the U.S. ETF Industry and his views on what the future looks like for ETFs.

Well-being in the Time of COVID-19

September 2020

Professor Statman distinguishes between happiness and well-being and delves deeper into the role that finances play in our overall well-being. He also covers many common emotional and cognitive shortcuts investors are prone to taking and how having a coach like an adviser can make us more self-aware.

Utilizing ETFs – An Advisor’s Perspective

September 2020

Avantis Investors recently spoke with a panel of independent financial advisors who have begun utilizing ETFs for their clients' portfolios. The panel discussed what drew them to ETFs, their experience with trading and implementation, and how they communicated these changes to their clients.

A Joint Approach

July 2020

Avantis Investors and Professor Sunil Wahal, Ph.D., discuss the latest research on expected returns with a focus on the joint relationship between value and profitability, and its implications for long-only and long horizon investors. Recent research that delves into the use of various proxies for value and profitability is also addressed.

Financial Globalization – A Trend in Reverse?

July 2020

Avantis Investors recently met with Professor Andrew Karolyi as he explored the topic of globalization of financial markets and asked if the trend is in reverse. Drawing from his recent research, Professor Karolyi examined factors affecting globalization since the 2008 financial crisis and explore whether COVID-19 may exacerbate them.

Making Meaning of the Madness

June 2020

During periods of extreme stress and uncertainty, people often find that their priorities shift. Psychologist Hal Hershfield shares his insights from other emotionally charged periods in people’s lives to enhance advisors’ ability to steer clients away from short-term decisions that could impact long-term goals.

A Market Maker’s Perspective

May 2020

View the replay of the recent conversation between Avantis Investors and Cory Laing, Head of ETF and One-Delta Institutional Sales for Citadel Securities, for a market maker's perspective on all things ETF trading.

The Psychology of Volatility

April 2020

How can financial advisors help investors during these difficult times? . According to behavioral finance expert Meir Statman, acknowledging our own feelings can help address clients’ anxieties and lead them with sound decision making.

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