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Peer-to-Peer: Serving Ultra High-Net-Worth Clients with Kevin Root

Kevin Root of Oak Root, LLC, shares his transition from focusing on retirement plans to a complex, international family office and the unique financial planning challenges associated with these kinds of households.  

Topics include how he’s structured his business, the diversity of his centers of influence, and planning for generations that have yet to arrive.  Kevin also shares how he thinks about investments and communicates these topics with his clients.  

Serving Ultra High-Net-Worth Clients

Peer-to-Peer with Kevin Root

The views expressed in this presentation are the speaker’s own and not necessarily those of American Century Investments. This presentation is for general information only and is not intended to provide investment, tax or legal advice or recommendations for any particular situation or type of retirement plan. Please consult with a financial, tax or legal advisor on your own particular circumstances.
Kevin Root and Oark Root, LLC are not affiliated with American Century Investments.