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February 2020

Our Scientific Approach to Investing

Investors must navigate an ever-growing array of strategies as they assess options for their portfolios’ asset allocations. Additional strategies have led to categories with catchy labels—the Nifty Fifty (think blue-chip stocks in the 1960s and 1970s), portable alpha (who wouldn’t want alpha you can take with you?) and more recently, smart beta. While these labels may sound compelling, they provide little insight on the strategies’ underlying investment theses. Investors who want to better understand whether a strategy will be additive to their portfolios need to dig deeper.

In this paper, we’ll explain our approach to equity investing and limit catchy labels and jargon. Indexing has been a great innovation for investors, but it has key limitations as well. Our strategies try to incorporate the positive aspects of indexing such as transparency, low turnover and broad diversification while striving to beat index returns by addressing some of their implementation inefficiencies.



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