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Merging Mind and Money – A Conversation with Meir Statman

Meir  Statman began his studies in the time of standard finance that described investors as “rational,” focused on maximizing wealth. He was a pioneer of the first generation of behavioral finance that describes investors as “irrational,” committing cognitive and emotional errors on their way to maximizing wealth.

Now he is pioneering the second generation of behavioral finance that describes investors as “normal,” focused on satisfying wants such as increasing wealth, avoiding poverty, nurturing children and family, gaining high social status, and being true to their values.  

In this Office Hours webcast, we  have a conversation with Meir about his research and the impact it has had on so many advisors and investors.

We discussed:

  • Meir’s journey from standard finance to the first and second generations of behavioral finance
  • His views on “normal” investors and how they differ from both “rational” and “irrational” one
  • What he is most excited about and working on today

Merging Mind and Money

Office Hours with Avantis Investors: A Conversation with Meir Statman.