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ETF Trading from a Block Desk's Perspective, featuring TD Ameritrade

Avantis Investors recently spoke with Tom Generazio, Senior Trader on TD Ameritrade’s Institutional block desk, to get a block desk trader’s perspective on all things ETF trading. Tom discussed the role of the block desk at TD Ameritrade, how they trade ETFs, and how they work with financial advisors.

Making Meaning of the Madness

During periods of extreme stress and uncertainty, people often find that their priorities shift. Psychologist Hal Hershfield shares his insights from other emotionally charged periods in people’s lives to enhance advisors’ ability to steer clients away from short-term decisions that could impact long-term goals.

A Market Maker’s Perspective

View the replay of the recent conversation between Avantis Investors and Cory Laing, Head of ETF and One-Delta Institutional Sales for Citadel Securities, for a market maker's perspective on all things ETF trading. Topics covered include the role of the market maker, how they interact with institutional trading desks and the evaluation of liquidity and spreads.

Price Shocks, Valuations and Expected Returns

We have seen elevated volatility in markets amidst ongoing uncertainty related to COVID-19, along with significant stimulus enacted across the globe. Sunil Wahal joins Avantis Investors to share his thoughts on a framework for thinking about valuations, and the mechanisms at play when a price shock occurs.

The Psychology of Volatility

How can financial advisors help investors during these difficult times? According to behavioral finance expert Meir Statman, acknowledging our own feelings can help address clients’ anxieties and lead them with sound decision making.

An Introduction to Avantis

We focus on the efficient implementation of time-tested academic research to add value for investors through low-cost solutions that represent an evolutionary step forward for both passive and active approaches.
Join us to learn how combining financial science and common-sense aims to harness better solutions—low cost, diversified and tax-effective.