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Why Avantis Investors?

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Our strategies share a common investment approach that combines a philosophy based on financial science with expert implementation aimed at increasing expected returns* and managing risks.

Decades of Real-World Experience

The leadership team has decades of experience delivering repeatable and effective investment solutions across geographies and through different market cycles. The team is well recognized by investors worldwide.

Choice of Optimal Investment Vehicles

Our goal is to deliver low-cost, broadly diversified solutions in a variety of formats, including mutual fund and ETF, so that you can choose the optimal vehicle to fit your circumstances. Please contact your financial advisor to discuss availability.

Built on a Solid Foundation with a Unique Purpose

Avantis Investors is backed by American Century Investments®, a $178 billion** asset manager with a reputation for client care, stewardship and stability—bringing great scale to our efforts and allowing a long-term focus.



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* Expected Returns: Valuation theory shows that the expected return of a security is a function of its current price, its book equity (assets minus liabilities) and expected future profits. We use information in current market prices and company financials to identify differences in expected returns among securities, seeking to overweight securities with higher expected returns based on this current market information. Actual returns may be different than expected returns, and there is no guarantee that the strategy will be successful.

** As of 12/31/2019