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Suzanne B. Shu, Ph.D.

Consultant to Avantis Investors®

Suzanne is the John Dyson Professor in Marketing at Cornell University’s Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management within the Johnson College of Business. The types of decisions analyzed in her research include consumer self-control problems and consumption timing issues, with important implications for both negative behaviors (such as procrastination) and positive behaviors (such as saving).

Her work on financial decisions has focused specifically on decumulation during retirement (annuities, Social Security claiming) as well as perceived fairness for financial products. Professor Shu received a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago; she also holds a degree in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University. Professor Shu has taught marketing and decision-making courses to MBA students at the University of Chicago, Southern Methodist University, INSEAD, and UCLA. She is also currently an NBER Faculty Research Fellow, holds a joint faculty appointment at the UCLA Medical School, and has been a visiting scholar for several years at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

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